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Global Project Based Learning (PBL)

Students from member universities in the GTI Consortium form international teams to discuss challenging technical issues facing member companies or environmental concerns facing developing countries.
Students put forward their proposals and present their ideas at the end. University faculty members, authorities working at member companies and government agencies will manage the entire project, including setting of the challenge and facilitating its discussions, right through to overseeing the final presentations.
Through global PBL we will foster the competences necessary for today’s global engineers.

Global Internship

Students do internships at firms and factories overseas. They experience cultural diversity, understand different approaches to problem solving and better understand up to date manufacturing issues. Through creative problem framing and solving, students learn the importance of critical thinking from differing perspectives, important for today’s global engineering challenges.

International Joint Research

Member universities and companies in the GTI Consortium jointly tackle global aspects of sustainable developments through the joint researches.

Inter-Governmental Projects

Member universities and companies take part in ongoing national aid projects based on intergovernmental agreements and international joint research projects. GTI Consortium itself will also plan and propose new intergovernmental projects.

Inter-University Collaboration

Member universities commence an exchange program involving faculty members among universities in the GTI Consortium. The aim of this to design and implement global engineering and science education based upon Japanese craftsmanship. Degrees are conferred on international students studying in Japan, and we introduce joint degree program involving member universities.

GTI Consortium Symposium

GTI Consortium symposium is held to share knowledge from activities in the GTI Consortium and to promote further development.
Participants from government agencies, global industries and educational institutes will be invited, extending invitations to university students to share and present their recent findings.

*The management of necessary expenses, conservation and management of confidential information, handling of deliverables such as intellectual property, and any other issues generated by individual activities among GTI members should be well discussed, determined and operated under the responsibility of each party concerned.